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“While getting coverage in the media and press still remains the critical

and main reason that companies decide to use a PR consultancy,

today’s savvy brands also need to get connected - and participate

in the online conversation.”

James Cooper, Ascendant

"We never would have achieved the same results without you. You are a very important part of the hybris family and I thank you for putting such strong investment in all our projects."
Geraldine Teboul, Director Global Communications, hybris and SAP CEC
"Ascendant has consistently delivered us value and results. Its understanding of our business, and the support we need, as well as the proactive approach of its leadership and teams, has allowed us to enjoy considerable success in Europe thanks to the press coverage and analyst validation we have received."
Jeff Young, Director of Corporate Communications, Akamai Technologies
"Ascendant provided an excellent service for us, dramatically increasing our press coverage and awareness in key industry sectors in the UK, France and Germany. Their understanding of our market and ability to identify news and content to help get us thought leadership was been particularly effective."
Micha Sprinz, Senior Marketing Manager, Microsoft
"Ascendant has given us strategic and invaluable help over the last six years in helping develop our profile with key media and analysts as hybris has continued to grow and develop as a world leading e-commerce brand."
Carsten Thoma, COO & President, hybris

Welcome to Ascendant Communications.

As B2B PR specialists we help firms selling technology and services in the European market talk the language of business to their customers.

We know how to craft messages that count and get the attention of national and international business media as well as key trade media.

What’s more, we’re skilled at getting companies on the radar of key influencers, such as industry analysts.

To find out more, take a look at our services guides:

Communications Audit

It’s an essential measure for all successful organisations to assess on a regular basis how effective and on target existing communications programmes are: what is working and what is not achieving the desired results and why. And, most importantly, to then determine recommendations that are able to optimize processes and drive better results.
AscendPlus has developed a structured programme to measure how effective communications have been. We talk to a sample group of stakeholders such as customers, employees, media and analysts to gather feedback on the company’s communications, and analyse press coverage to assess how effective the company’s spokespeople and media materials are in delivering the right messages to the right people. For organisations this means they can measure and benchmark their success of all communications activity, and gain maximum value for money from communications spend.

Service guide: Communications Audit (PDF)

Corporate Positioning and Messaging

An organisation’s corporate positioning reflects what it wants its brand to mean to its stakeholders. Not only does it summarise what the organisation does, it sets out its strategy and vision for the market. It is reflected in all company communications ‐ written, spoken and online ‐ reaching external and internal audiences. The company’s messaging is an extension of this, and sits at the heart of all marketing communications. It provides a kind of script that gives specific guidance about what the company should say to most effectively communicate its corporate positioning to different audiences.
To most effectively gain everyone’s input and make it a collaborative process, we recommend holding a corporate positioning and message development workshop. This should take place with as many senior people within the organisation as possible.

Service guide: Corporate Positioning and Messaging (PDF)

Marketing Content

Sharing content is a way for an organisation to achieve a variety of business goals. These may include thought leadership, lead generation, increasing sales and improving customer retention. Marketing content effectively means sharing the right information about an organisation with the audiences it wants to reach, identifying what this audience’s need for information consists of, and measuring the impact so it that content can be shared effectively again and again.

Service guide: Marketing Content (PDF)

Communications Strategy and Planning

Prior to any PR or AR campaign, communications strategy and planning are key elements, which create a consistent, unified “voice” that links diverse activities and goals in a way that appeals to the partners or stakeholders involved. They differ from tactics, or the concrete steps and techniques used in implementation of communication goals. Tactics should be chosen based on a pre‐existing strategy.

Service guide: Communications Strategy and Planning (PDF)

Programme Evaluation

Measurable results are key for all organisations today. For communications there is no magic formula for evaluating the success of program, but it can be done if you identify and agree clear‐cut communications objectives which then form the driving force behind the communications strategy and programme.

Service guide: Program Evaluation (PDF)

Social Media and Digital Marketing

To be seen as a thought leader, an organisation needs to play an active role in its community, shaping and building it and contributing its ideas and expertise. Social media campaigns give an organisation the opportunity to shape and participate in the dialogue its community members take part in online, and even to form new communities that address the needs of its industry. Effective digital marketing allows an organisation to share marketing content and communicate its messages to audiences online as well as offline.

Service guide: Social Media and Digital Marketing (PDF)