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Ascendant Communications listed in UK Top 20 B2B PR agencies

We are very pleased to announce that Ascendant has been listed in B2B Marketing Magazine’s ‘Top 20 UK B2B PR Agencies – 2017’. We have worked hard in the last year to help support our clients, and it is great to see that this has paid off and that the results we have gained have […]

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PR ‘101’ for 2017 – by James Cooper

I realized the other day that in 2017 I will have worked in B2B tech PR for 20 years – having got that sobering fact out of the way, I then started to think about what ups and downs I had experienced in that time; working for a Dotcom in Silicon Valley in 1999, seen […]

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Fake the News! What’s the Problem?

Interesting article appeared last week (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-37846860) on the raise of fake news websites on the internet, and the danger that these pose to legitimate news gathering, dissemination and public consumption and education. A couple of years ago, it was evident that the spoof articles links at the bottom of many websites were just that, just […]

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Brexit – what now?

Many people will be waking up today to the news that the UK has voted to leave the European Union (EU). Whilst many people outside of the UK will be shocked to hear this (maybe like Texas voting to leave the US), for many Brits this debate has been around for many years, and the […]

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Is Facebook a publisher & what are the implications?

It was reported this week that Facebook has been supressing ‘right-wing’ news and stories in its ‘trendings topics’ box. The Times of 12 May, 2016, reports that, if proven, these allegations will change the game, transforming companies like Facebook from just being platforms of information to being publishers of news. So what? Well, this added […]

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Brexit – good or bad for PR programs in Europe?

For those of you in the US and elsewhere not aware of what one of the tiny states across the pond is doing at the moment, let me inform you. The UK is holding a vote on 23 June 2016 to decide whether not to stay in the EU, and potentially […]

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