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Brexit – good or bad for PR programs in Europe?

For those of you in the US and elsewhere not aware of what one of the tiny states across the pond is doing at the moment, let me inform you. The UK is holding a vote on 23 June 2016 to decide whether not to stay in the EU, and potentially […]

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Five New Year resolutions every PR Manager should make

It’s that time of year again. The Christmas festivities are over. And the end-of-quarter results are in (almost). You’ve returned refreshed from the holiday break and spent the last two days clearing your Inbox down to a manageable size. As prepare your ‘to do’ list for the coming weeks, perhaps now is a good time […]

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Attached or Detached Journalism – should we care?

For many of us in Public Relations, the study of journalism, whether professionally, by osmosis in the job, or just by casual observation, is something that most of us will admit to finding of interest and relevance. Therefore when watching the news on TV, or reading...

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Why Pearson was wrong to sell the FT

In the world of newspapers and news media, there are some brands that are iconic, and some that are iconic for a reason. Sometimes the two can be mutually exclusive, for example, Warner Brothers made its name in the Twentieth Century with legendary films such as...

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Have PR firms really come of age?

Working in B2B PR we often find ourselves sandwiched between the serious and demanding needs of our blue-chip clients and the somewhat fluffy, youthful and flaky reputation certain parts of our industry seems to enjoy promoting, and which we, as a PR firm, are by...

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James Cooper live

Ascendant’s Managing Director, James Cooper, speaking at a recent Energy event in London, hosted by Power Efficiency, about the importance of using PR to support corporate reputation in the area of environmental legislation. Format not supported

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